Science is defined as a systematic enterprise that creates, builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. Now there is no doubt that Science is a powerful tool. So powerful that it has toppled empires and has been the turning point of many wars. And like many tools if put to good use it would serve humanity for the greater good. At the same time improper use would make it a tool for destruction.

Take for example, atomic energy which is widely regarded as a force powerful enough to destroy nations in a minute’s notice but in the other hand it has proved to be an almost limitless source of energy thus solving the world’s energy crisis.

Another such example is dynamite, which was made as a tool to increase the productivity in mines but is now synonymous with misery for several Middle Eastern refugees.

Research into disease revealed that several diseases are caused by microbes called pathogens. This breakthrough had led to the invention of several lifesaving vaccines. But at the same time Bio-Warfare which involves the release of fast spreading pathogens such as Anthrax into cities, is one of the most feared forms of warfare in the modern world.

Examples can be cited from every form of science, ranging from Psychology which is also used for harsh interrogation of prisoners to chemistry which is used to make many WMDs such as Napalm.

In the light of these examples it is up to us, the educated public of today to ensure that science is put to good use so as to ensure that the future generations continue to prosper.