This display is an alternative to the Flat displays we use today. It’s much more space and power efficient.

This Persistence of Vision (POV) display takes advantage of the tendency of the human eyes to sustain an image in its retina for a fraction of a second (40ms) after the image was recognized by the brain. This is the reason why if you move your hands fast enough, it appears as if your hand is in two places at once. This phenomenon is known as persistence of vision.

The mechanism of the display is relatively simple, it involves an Arduino microcontroller controlling 24 RGB LEDS. The LEDS are soldered onto a strip board, which rotates in a rate of 1500 RPM.

Specific LEDS are programmed to light up at certain points during rotation to produce an illusion of a flat displayed image.

Our Project

Even today, students fret about going to school. One way to make lessons interesting is to integrate this into the teaching system. Discussing about certain concepts like complex numbers, human anatomy and vectors will be much easier. Explaining three dimensional graphs is always hard for teachers because the traditional board limits them to two dimensional figures. Also the argand plane, the plane where all the imaginary numbers (real multiples of i) exist is always a fascinating concept. The board proves a limitation for the explanation of the concepts. The same goes for human anatomy. With so many systems working in and around our body at the same time, it is tough to draw all of them in the same Diagram.

Take for instance the diagram of heart. The heart is fundamentally a three dimensional object and has many vessels connecting it to various tissues and organs of the body. Some of these go behind the heart and some nodes in the heart are actually located behind. Students are told to visualise all of this and this makes the subject dry and uninteresting.

Our aim is simple. To integrate the POVD into not only class room teaching but even for office projects and all walks of life. It is simple to use, cost effective and is easy to use.